Monday, December 22, 2008

Party, Party, Party, Party

Can I just say how much we love this time of year. We love being able to spend time with friends and family and celebrating the birth of jesus christ. We are so blessed to have such great families that care about us and love us. I personally would like to say how much I love and appreciate Joeys family they are all so wonderful to me, I couldn't have asked for better in-laws. I am so greatful to have such a wonderful husband who does so much for me and great son who always makes me smile. We have had so much fun spending time with family this year, so far we have been to 2 christmas parties, we had the corless family christmas party 2 weeks ago up in lindon santa came and gave presents to all the little kids, and than afterwards they got to decorate gingerbread mans. It was so much fun.

1st year Logan didn't scream with santa.

Last night we went to the McPhie family Christmas party.
It was good to see all the family together, Santa also showed up to this christmas party almost all the kids were so excited to see him. Some were a little scared.

After Santa left all the kids got to gether and did a little program of the story of the nativity. It was so cute they all did such a good job it was the cutest thing ever. I think it helped the kids to understand that there is more to Christmas than just present.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trip to Wyoming

So we went on vacation to jackson hole WY. Yellowstone and bear world back in September but im just getting time to post it. It was so much fun we wish we could have stayed up there longer. So everyone was telling us to pack some warm clothes because it usually snows this time of year so I was expecting to get up there and freeze. But I think it was in the 80s most of the time it was so nice. We did'nt see much wildlife like we thought we would, we usually go up in the spring and see tons of animals, but it was still nice to go up a different time of year because it looks so different. It was Beautiful. The leaves were all starting to change colors there was not as many people up there this time of year and the weather was perfect. Oh and it was Logans 1st time out of the state. He did really good we took plenty of stuff for him to do along the way so he wouldn't get bored and he didn't complain once, he really enjoyed it and was excited to see all the wildlife. 1st we went to Bear World It was a lot of fun. We got to see the little bear cubs and we went throught the petting zoo. There was this cute little baby deer that started licking Joeys fingers and than Logan walked up to it and it started licking his ears and wouldn't stop, Logan thought it was the funniest thing and was giggling the whole time. I wish I would have taken the camcorder in with us but I didn't because I forgot we had it with us. But I did get some good pictures of it. After we left Bear World we headed to Jackson hole to check in to the hotel it was a long day and we just wanted to get there and go to bed. The next morning we got up and headed through yellowstone we only saw a few animals but it was a nice drive, we stopped at old faithful and had lunch and drove around all day. The next day we decided to stay in town and walk around to see how much it had changed since we went there last. It hadn't really changed much but I think it's only been about 5 years since we went there last. If you ever go up there you have to go to this restaurant called gun barrell steak house they had the best food ever. We even brought home a bottle of steak sauce it is so yummy I don't know what im gonna do when it is all gone. Ill have to figure out if I can order some. We had a blast on the 3rd day we went back up through yellowstone again to go see all the things we missed the 1st time. Logan had a lot of fun to we didn't want to come home yet. We love going on vacations.

Logans new best friend

Albino Elk

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Haloween Carnival

We had a busy week with Haloween. Wednesday we went to a Halloween carnival Logan had so much fun. While we were there he went fishing and won candy, he did the cupcake walk, had them make a snake out of a balloon and so much more. Than after that we went home and carved pumpkins. Im allergic to them so I had a rash all up my arms and for some reason this year Joey had a reaction to the pumpkin carving to. His arms got all itchy weird.
Thursday we went to Chuck E Cheese to westins Birthday party. Logan didn't want to leave he had a lot of fun playing with his cousins and all the fun games.
Than of course there was friday halloween we went to our parents house and than I took him trick or treating around the neighborhood while Joey stayed home to hand out candy. He had so much fun he didn't want to quit I finally made him quit when he wanted me to carry him to every house because he said his legs were tired. So we decided to go home. We had a really fun time for halloween but im glad it's over.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thanks for the JEEP Uncle Travis:)

My boys toys

So Logan got a new toy in the mail a few days ago. My brother Travis came home on a visit from Iraq in june and he wanted to get a Logan a Jeep for his birthday before he had to go back. My mom (so she thought) talked him out of it becasue is was to expensive, so he got him a little drum toy instead. But what my mom didn't know is when he got back to Iraq he decided he was going to get him one anyways. So this is what arrived in the mail. Logan is so excited he has wanted to ride it everyday since he got it. Thats all he ever talks about is when do I get to go out and ride my jeep. He is getting pretty good at riding it. There is a screw on the shifter and if you take it out it makes it go faster so we finally took it out because he figured out how to steer it and when to stop. He rides it pretty good. It was so cute the day he got it he was riding it around the yard and he decided he was going to take his pretend groceries in the house, on his way back out he is carrying a towel with him so I asked him what he was doing and he said he was going to wash his jeep because it was dirty, he walked over to it and started wiping it off with his rag after a few minutes of cleaning his jeep off he looks at me and say's Mom will you go get me that stuff you spray on the tires. (tire shine) haha. I thougt that was the cutest thing.
We Love you Travis and we hope you stay safe and come home soon. We miss you:(

Here is one of the many videos we have recorded of him and his jeep.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

So last weekend we decided to go up to woodland to collect firewood. Logan ended up playing with his cousin Westin on the swing/deer hanger that Cody just got done making. We had a lot of fun. I enjoy going up to woodland and just hanging out. It is so quiet and peaceful up there. We were up there for half of the day collecting firewood and getting ready for winter to come, We usually wait until the last minute and end up in 3 feet of snow trying to cut down trees so this year we decide we were going to get an early start so we wouldn't have to freeze while cutting wood. We saw a couple of buck on the way up there and on the way home we saw a really pretty rainbow, I took a picture of it on my cell phone so ill have to download it to the computer and post it on here one of these next few days. When we got up to woodland Joey's grandma and grandpa were up there so we visited with them for a few minutes, Grandma pushed Logan on the swing and took a few pictures and than they were on there way. Logan had fun collecting rocks and cutting branches down with his fake sword. I had fun piling wood up into the truck and next to the cabin, Joey's dad was up there helping us get wood. I am so grateful that Joey has such great parents and that they are willing to help out whenever they can. His dad was a big help I appreciate all that they do for us.
Great Grandma Cosy pushing logan on the swing

Joey hangin out on the 4 wheeler Logan acting like a deer. (see the antlers)

Logan swinging in the swing up to woodland.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Logan trying to break the pinata

Friday, July 4, 2008

Logans 4th birthday

I can't believe my baby is already 4 he is growing up to fast. He just had a birthday on August 4th and he had so much fun. We had family come over to celebrate his birthday, He is in to dinosaurs and wanted tons of dinosaur toys but for some reason he wanted a pirtate party. So we had a pirate cake, pinata and other pirtate decor. It was so funny the kids trying to nock the pinata down,

They all gave it a try I think it was made of fiberglass or something because it would not break, finally it fell off the string so we had the kids try to pull it apart, they still could'nt break it so we had to help them. It was fun.:)

In the end the only thing that ended up breaking was the garage door. it fell off the tracks and was hanging from one side of the garage, That was not fun trying to figure out how to close it without it falling off the rest of the way.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our camping trip

So we went camping over the weekend, and had a blast. We got there friday night and stayed until sunday, the first night we stayed around the camp and than saturday morning we got up and went out on the boat fishing it was so much fun. Logan helped out with the fishing net while we were catching the fish, we did'nt catch many that day 5 to be exact Joey caught one on the shore and 4 out on the boat. We stayed out on the boat for a few hours that day and since we weren't catching much we decided to go back to camp, we had a fire that night and roasted marshmallow. The next morning we went back out on the boat and it was well worth it, Roberts dad navigated the boat while Joey, Robert, Logan and I caught all the fish. We caught 27 fish on sunday and they were really big ones. Logan decided he wanted to kiss the fish it was so funny he was having so much fun. He would kiss them and then start laughing and smiling, he also liked playing in the water off the side of the boat he would'nt take his hands out of the water, they were so cold, he wanted to play with all the fish that we had caught, A few hours later while we were still on the boat Logan started feeling sick and ended up throwing up:( So we cooled him off and made him drink more fluids. after a few minutes he started to feel better and was fine the rest of the day. After we got off the boat we packed up and headed back to Provo, we went over to Roberts house and fried up half of the fish that we had caught and had them for dinner. It was a fun camping trip., we did'nt want to come home.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma

We also went to my Grandmas house this month for her birthday. It was really nice we were able to spend time with my aunt and uncles and cousins that I don't get to see very often. I took a lot of pictures but now that I think about it I don't think I got any of my grandma. How sad sorry grandma ill have to go back over to your house later to get one. Maybe ill ask Telly if she took any.

Our busy month

Ok so im probably the last person on earth to post a blog. But what can I say it's 10:40 at night and it is the only time that I seem to find time to do it. After months of Joey asking me to do a blog im finally listening. So here is a little bit about our family and whats been going on in our lives lately. We have had a pretty busy month it started out with Travis coming home for a visit from Iraq, I believe camp taji to be exact. He got home memorial weekend we ended up going out to the sandunes with both of my brothers and some friends that we haven't seen in a while. We had a lot of fun, we were planning on staying the whole weekend but Joey ended up not feeling well so we decided to go home early which was fine by me because the weather was kind of crappy anyways. The following weekend Joey had his valve replaces on his shunt, he was doing well for the 1st couple of days and then it got worse again, I ended up taking him into the ER because he couldn't stand the pain any longer. (I think that was the longest 9 1/2 hours of our lives) but we think they were able to fix the problem we are still giving it time to adjust on its own. Cross our finger:) It was our 8 year wedding anniversary on the 9th but we haven't been able to celebrate it yet so when we do ill let you know how it went. we usually take a trip every year but this year we decided to wait until August after everyones birthdays.
Oh yeah we also went to see the Charlie Daniells band this month to. It was pretty good I didn't think I knew any of his song but once I got there I actually recognized a lot of them. We went with our friends Lacie, Robert and Jacob and my brother Ellis went to.