Sunday, February 26, 2012

Crazy month but at least I had time to BLOG!!!!

So I guess I have been told I need to blog more, so im gonna try my hardest if you don't hear from me again in a week or two remind me so I can get my butt back in gear. :)
So this has been a crazy crazy oh and did I say crazy month!!!!!! Joey had to have a Shunt revision so he was in the hospital for a few days at the beginning of the month, a few days after getting out of the hospital his hands swelled up and got really itchy so the Dr. had to put him on a antibiotic but now he is doing much better:). Logan won !st place in the Science Fair he was so excited, it was his 1st year doing it. We celebrated V-day by Logan having the Flu :( so we had to post-pone our plans that we had with him by taking him to the movies and out to eat a few days after and later that week Joey took me out on a date, he must really love me because he took me to see The Vow and out to eat at Texas Roadhouse, he also got me my favorite dessert Chocolate covered strawberries, a teddy bear and a beautiful flower arrangement. We celebrated my dads birthday, Me and Logan went to Fat cats to go bowling and I found out I drew out on the Turkey hunt. (Yay me, Joey is so jelous)and we added 2 new additions to the family Slo Moe and Buddy, Logans new Russian Tortoises and afer all that when we thought there was nothing else our friend passed away. :( may he rest in peace. We love you Virgel and can't wait to see you on the other side.