Friday, July 4, 2008

Logans 4th birthday

I can't believe my baby is already 4 he is growing up to fast. He just had a birthday on August 4th and he had so much fun. We had family come over to celebrate his birthday, He is in to dinosaurs and wanted tons of dinosaur toys but for some reason he wanted a pirtate party. So we had a pirate cake, pinata and other pirtate decor. It was so funny the kids trying to nock the pinata down,

They all gave it a try I think it was made of fiberglass or something because it would not break, finally it fell off the string so we had the kids try to pull it apart, they still could'nt break it so we had to help them. It was fun.:)

In the end the only thing that ended up breaking was the garage door. it fell off the tracks and was hanging from one side of the garage, That was not fun trying to figure out how to close it without it falling off the rest of the way.