Thursday, August 28, 2008

So last weekend we decided to go up to woodland to collect firewood. Logan ended up playing with his cousin Westin on the swing/deer hanger that Cody just got done making. We had a lot of fun. I enjoy going up to woodland and just hanging out. It is so quiet and peaceful up there. We were up there for half of the day collecting firewood and getting ready for winter to come, We usually wait until the last minute and end up in 3 feet of snow trying to cut down trees so this year we decide we were going to get an early start so we wouldn't have to freeze while cutting wood. We saw a couple of buck on the way up there and on the way home we saw a really pretty rainbow, I took a picture of it on my cell phone so ill have to download it to the computer and post it on here one of these next few days. When we got up to woodland Joey's grandma and grandpa were up there so we visited with them for a few minutes, Grandma pushed Logan on the swing and took a few pictures and than they were on there way. Logan had fun collecting rocks and cutting branches down with his fake sword. I had fun piling wood up into the truck and next to the cabin, Joey's dad was up there helping us get wood. I am so grateful that Joey has such great parents and that they are willing to help out whenever they can. His dad was a big help I appreciate all that they do for us.
Great Grandma Cosy pushing logan on the swing

Joey hangin out on the 4 wheeler Logan acting like a deer. (see the antlers)

Logan swinging in the swing up to woodland.


Danielle Smith said...

Way to not procrastinate! I need to work on that whole thing myself!

cforbush said...

Becky! good to hear form you!!!!! How exciting, a TRUCK! My kids keep beggin for one. The neighbors have one.