Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our camping trip

So we went camping over the weekend, and had a blast. We got there friday night and stayed until sunday, the first night we stayed around the camp and than saturday morning we got up and went out on the boat fishing it was so much fun. Logan helped out with the fishing net while we were catching the fish, we did'nt catch many that day 5 to be exact Joey caught one on the shore and 4 out on the boat. We stayed out on the boat for a few hours that day and since we weren't catching much we decided to go back to camp, we had a fire that night and roasted marshmallow. The next morning we went back out on the boat and it was well worth it, Roberts dad navigated the boat while Joey, Robert, Logan and I caught all the fish. We caught 27 fish on sunday and they were really big ones. Logan decided he wanted to kiss the fish it was so funny he was having so much fun. He would kiss them and then start laughing and smiling, he also liked playing in the water off the side of the boat he would'nt take his hands out of the water, they were so cold, he wanted to play with all the fish that we had caught, A few hours later while we were still on the boat Logan started feeling sick and ended up throwing up:( So we cooled him off and made him drink more fluids. after a few minutes he started to feel better and was fine the rest of the day. After we got off the boat we packed up and headed back to Provo, we went over to Roberts house and fried up half of the fish that we had caught and had them for dinner. It was a fun camping trip., we did'nt want to come home.


Keli said...

I know you guys had a blast!!! Joey said Logan was the cutest, as always.. I'm glad you guys have a blog now!

nat.pear.sun said...

Yay! You have a blog! That picture of the three of you is SO cute! That's funny about Logan kissing the fish, he is so funny... Me and Kenzie went up part of the trail on the 4-wheeler, but mostly just stayed around the cabin... It was so fun! My allergies got really bad though, so I was miserable towards the end!

kenz said...

That looks really fun!! Where was I??? Haha!!! =)