Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trip to Wyoming

So we went on vacation to jackson hole WY. Yellowstone and bear world back in September but im just getting time to post it. It was so much fun we wish we could have stayed up there longer. So everyone was telling us to pack some warm clothes because it usually snows this time of year so I was expecting to get up there and freeze. But I think it was in the 80s most of the time it was so nice. We did'nt see much wildlife like we thought we would, we usually go up in the spring and see tons of animals, but it was still nice to go up a different time of year because it looks so different. It was Beautiful. The leaves were all starting to change colors there was not as many people up there this time of year and the weather was perfect. Oh and it was Logans 1st time out of the state. He did really good we took plenty of stuff for him to do along the way so he wouldn't get bored and he didn't complain once, he really enjoyed it and was excited to see all the wildlife. 1st we went to Bear World It was a lot of fun. We got to see the little bear cubs and we went throught the petting zoo. There was this cute little baby deer that started licking Joeys fingers and than Logan walked up to it and it started licking his ears and wouldn't stop, Logan thought it was the funniest thing and was giggling the whole time. I wish I would have taken the camcorder in with us but I didn't because I forgot we had it with us. But I did get some good pictures of it. After we left Bear World we headed to Jackson hole to check in to the hotel it was a long day and we just wanted to get there and go to bed. The next morning we got up and headed through yellowstone we only saw a few animals but it was a nice drive, we stopped at old faithful and had lunch and drove around all day. The next day we decided to stay in town and walk around to see how much it had changed since we went there last. It hadn't really changed much but I think it's only been about 5 years since we went there last. If you ever go up there you have to go to this restaurant called gun barrell steak house they had the best food ever. We even brought home a bottle of steak sauce it is so yummy I don't know what im gonna do when it is all gone. Ill have to figure out if I can order some. We had a blast on the 3rd day we went back up through yellowstone again to go see all the things we missed the 1st time. Logan had a lot of fun to we didn't want to come home yet. We love going on vacations.

Logans new best friend

Albino Elk

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Haloween Carnival

We had a busy week with Haloween. Wednesday we went to a Halloween carnival Logan had so much fun. While we were there he went fishing and won candy, he did the cupcake walk, had them make a snake out of a balloon and so much more. Than after that we went home and carved pumpkins. Im allergic to them so I had a rash all up my arms and for some reason this year Joey had a reaction to the pumpkin carving to. His arms got all itchy weird.
Thursday we went to Chuck E Cheese to westins Birthday party. Logan didn't want to leave he had a lot of fun playing with his cousins and all the fun games.
Than of course there was friday halloween we went to our parents house and than I took him trick or treating around the neighborhood while Joey stayed home to hand out candy. He had so much fun he didn't want to quit I finally made him quit when he wanted me to carry him to every house because he said his legs were tired. So we decided to go home. We had a really fun time for halloween but im glad it's over.